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What did the letter received by Salim Khan say?


After the infamous assassination of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala, Lawerence Bishnoi’s name has spiralled into the controversy of sending Bollywood superstar Salman Khan a threat letter.

A letter threatening to kill actor Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan was found on June 5. According to Mumbai Police, the letter carried the initials ‘L.B’ and ‘G.B’ which point in the direction of gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar.

The letter is written in the Hindi language and said that Salim Khan and his son Salman Khan will meet the same fate as Sidhu Moose Wala.

Maharashtra Department of Home Affairs has increased the security for actor Salman Khan after the threat letter was found.

The letter was first discovered by Salim Khan on a bench where he sits every day after jogging in the morning. The letter was addressed to Salman Khan.

As per police, the letter was found near the Bandra Bandstand promenade in Mumbai on Sunday.

In 2018, Lawrence Bishnoi threatened to kill Salman Khan in Rajasthan when he appeared for a court hearing.

Bishnoi had said, “Hum karenge toh pata chal hi jayega. Salman ko Jodhpur mein hi maarenge, pata chal jayega inko. Abhi toh maine kuch kiya hi nahi hai, bina matlab ke involve kar rahe hain (Everyone will know once I take action. We will kill Salman here, in Jodhpur. I haven’t done anything yet, and they’re involving me for no reason)”.

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