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BTS Fans Go Awww After They Spot Sweet Kim Taehyung Connection in Park Seo-joon's Latest Pic


BTS fans were in for a surprise on Sunday when Park Seo-joon shared a picture that featured a sweet connection with his Wooga Squad friend V aka Kim Taehyung. The Itaewon Class actor shared a mirror selfie showing his OOTD. Park Seo-joon was seen wearing a white tee with a pair of grey shorts along with shoes. It didn’t take long for BTS fans to notice Taehyung’s designed Mute Boston bag.

The bag was placed in one corner of the frame and it left fans across the globe excited. They took to the comments section and wondered out loud if Taehyung gifted the bag to Park Seo-joon. “The mute Boston bag omg,” a fan wrote. “He has the mute bag!!!!” another excited fan noticed. “I love this and it looks like he has the bag Taehyung made,” a third fan wrote.

The picture comes a day after the In The Soop: Friendcation came to an end. The series featured Park Seo-joon, BTS singer V, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik and Peakboy. The four-episode series was a spin-off of the popular series IN THE SOOP. The series is backed by the label HYBE, the agency behind BTS and TXT.

In 2020, BTS sent out the first In The Soop. They spent a week together in the forest, bonding over food, music, and more. The episodes presented a closer look at each member and their bond with each other. TXT had also an In The Soop series.

Through the series, fans offered a close glimpse at Wooga Squad’s friendship. In the recent episode, Taehyung opened up about how Park Seo-joon helped him on the sets of Hwarang, their K-drama together. As translated by @thetaeprint, Taehyung said, “While filming Hwarang, I received a lot of help from Seojun-hyung. It was my first time acting and I was also on a concert tour along with it. When I say this line, what emotions should I express? I was clueless since it was my first time. So I went to Seojun-hyung and told him ‘Hyung, I want to do well but I don’t know what to do.’ I honestly told him that. Seojun-hyung looked through [the lines] and told me about the emotions within it one by one. He also sent voice messages he recorded.”

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