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5 Top Tips for Hiring the Best Truck Drivers

5 Top Tips for Hiring the Best Truck Drivers – One of the most crucial issues the trucking industry faces is the shortage of truck drivers. Beyond traditional hiring practices, incorporating technology, such as a reliable truck repair app, can enhance your recruitment process and ensure you have a team of skilled and dependable drivers Over the next decade, nearly 1,000,000 new truck drivers are required as estimated by the American Trucking Association (ATA).

Apart from shortages of drivers, driver retention is also one of the concerns faced by the carriers of the trucking industry. Since 2021 the drive turnover rate is up by 92% as faced by the large truckload carriers. 

Efficient recruitment strategies can assist fleets in managing lower turnover and higher rates of retention. Therefore, let us dwell on how the truck driver shortage impacts the hiring process of the trucking industry along with new ideas for driver recruitment that might assist the fleets in dealing with retention issues.

Best 5 Tips for Hiring the Best Truck Drivers

If you do not have valuable information for empowering the recruiting team, commence with the redevelopment of the practical recruiting approach. Similarly, consider an individual’s work-life balance when it comes to hiring truckers. 

Let us have a glance at these five tips for hiring and retaining truck drivers by Breakdown Inc in building a stronger recruitment strategy that will work best for fleets of any size.

Offer a Competitive Package:

The lower wages cause the drivers to leave the carrier companies. Even if the pay of the driver has increased over the recent months, the drivers still carry an apprehension that they are not paid appropriately. Analyze what other truck businesses are offering to their drivers. After that, double-check if the package meets the common standards and dynamics of the trucking industry. It is important to consider health and wellness packages in addition to competitive packages to attract more eligible drivers.

Define The Culture Of The Workplace:

It is necessary to have dominant personal communication between personnel, which will result in the formation of a family culture that many renowned fleets convey. It is very important to have a close-knit culture when it comes to hiring drivers. The testimonials of the driver are a potentially beneficial method for doing so. The potential drivers carry a common tendency to have advice from their peer drivers than anyone else. It will be very fruitful to solicit testimonials from the present serving drivers about the experience, and advertising on the website.  

Onboarding Driver Training:

Education and training of the CMV driver are one of the most fundamental aspects when it comes to hiring drivers. If the company is offering paid training or is even assisting the drivers in obtaining license endorsements, it will be a bright career setup for new drivers. The introduction of new technology like electronic logging devices (ELD) and dashcams and the changing laws have made it quite difficult for drivers to function quickly. The recruitment of new drivers becomes much easier if the driver training and onboarding program is in place. It is necessary to make sure that the new drivers are acquainted with the internal procedures of the fleet. This will help the new drivers feel optimistic about their choice of career in the trucking industry.

Modernize The Latest Methods Of Recruiting:

It is necessary to use up-to-date and innovative tactics for attracting and recruiting qualified drivers. These days all drivers are using social media as a method for analysing the firm’s online reputation. The publicizing of job openings on social media is not enough. It is recommended to post interesting material that the drivers would like to witness on your social media platform. The optimization of content for search engines will support the traffic visiting your website in increasing numbers. 

As the drivers are frequently on the road, they will most likely check the job opening on their mobile devices rather than their desktops. The streamlining of the application process will go a long way in alleviating the constraints of recruitment. It is important to make sure that the apps are short and easy to use on mobile devices. Digital tools for recruitment and advertisement are always evolving, so it is important to regularly check the new ones which will be very useful for the recruitment process.

Use Job Boards And The Latest Tools Of Digital Marketing:

Job boards are one of the most effective ways to attract and recruit potentially qualified drivers. People who are looking for truck driving jobs, usually use the internet especially driver job boards to get hired. The sites are rapidly growing and evolving, so they are becoming very popular among users. Therefore, it is one of the notable reasons why the company should have a strong presence on the job boards. With the addition of this recruitment tool, you can significantly improve the qualified number of applicants.

Retaining your Fleet

The recruitment process of the driver is the elevating point of a successful plan for driver retention. Retaining the best drivers for the fleet offering them attractive packages, and having clear expectations from the beginning are some of the few tactics for reducing turnover and staying afloat in the face of the growing shortage of truck drivers.

It will be very beneficial in reaching out to the truckers and seeing what needs to be improved at an employee level. The internal feedback and changes will serve as the backbone for the retention strategy. Cherishing the driver-carrier relations will elevate the loyalty and dependability within the company with the close-knit team for upcoming years. Therefore, by following these tips you can successfully strategize the hiring process for talented truck drivers.

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