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Why was PM Modi’s ‘Tukaram Pagdi’ in Pune changed at last minute? Know more about the headgear


Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore an iconic Tukaram Pagdi at the inauguration of a rock temple at the Saint Tukaram Maharaj Temple in Pune, Maharashtra on Tuesday. However, his traditional and custom-made headgear sparked a row and had to be changed last minute.

A turban was specially designed for PM Modi during his visit to the Sant Tukaram temple in Pune, but the verses written on the headgear had to be changed at the last moment after the Dehu Sansthan opposed the choice of words.

According to India Today reports, the verses of abhanga written on the Tukaram Pagdi had to be changed after the Dehu Sansthan opposed them. As per reports, the lines on the turban meant, “Will be good to those whose behavior is good and those with evil practice will get a befitting answer.”

After a request made by the Dehu Sansthan President Nitin Maharaj More, the lines were changed from ‘Bhale tari deu kasechi langoti, nathalachya mathi hanu kathi’ to ‘Vishnumay jag vaishnavancha dharma, bhedabhed bhrama amangal’.

The intricate Tukaram Pagdi was designed for PM Modi by Pune’s Murudkar Zendewala shop owner Girish Murudkar, who termed it as the toughest design they have had to make yet. Artisans presented the prime minister with the headgear when he arrived at the Pune temple.

The Murudkar shop has designed several iconic turbans, including those specially made for celebrities including Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Bal Thackeray, Prince Charles, and others. The store has been designing iconic turbans and flags for over 30 years now.

The headgear worn by PM Modi was inspired by the simplicity of the life of Sant Tukaram, and the Warkari heritage from Maharashtra. The beads on the turban have been designed in a way that when wrapped around the head, they resemble Chandan and tilak on the forehead. 

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