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Why did MD Nasir lead the foundation of trading software?


Author:| Edited By: |Updated: Jun 07, 2022, 02:14 PM IST

Once bitten, twice shy. True, right? We usually don’t invest our time in things that have already depleted us. However, there are a few individuals who are exceptions to this idiom, including MD Nasir. This young man successfully led the founding stones of a trading software called

Don’t you want to know why we made him an exception? Here’s the story: MD Nasir was always a bright student. He preferred going for civil service, but destiny had stored something else for him. The unhealthy financial situation and other circumstances led him to enroll in monotonous job life. Between innumerable struggles and failed ventures, Nasir tried his hands at trading just to burn them.

However, this downfall in trading didn’t set fences for him; instead, it urged him to defy the failure and learn more about those market situations. And after finding the answers to all the whys and wherefores of trading, Nasir then founded Srpika Online University. But the entrepreneur could have opted for some other field. Why did he choose this alone?

To this, he said, “I have survived the experience of failing as a trader, and I didn’t want others to go through the same thing because losses in trading can lower your morale.” “If I had the power to guide people on how to survive in this very shaky marketplace, then why not use it? Maybe my proficiency will help someone to become a good trader and an independent earner,” Nasir further added.

We are often disheartened by our blunders, but stepping up and taking that failure as a challenge to outshine it is a kind of move that only spirited souls can make. And Nasir is surely one of them.

Md Nasir, through Srpika Online University, educates people of every age about the ebbs and flows of trading. He has made the complexities of trading susceptible. Nasir is a great mentor and is admired by his adherents. The YouTube channel of this trading university, called “Srpika Option Hedging,” has created history by having the maximum number of subscribers in just a few months. This proves how fruitfully and beneficially Nasir’s idea of trading school and software turned out.

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