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What will Agniveers do after four years? Centre explains its 5-point support plan


Agniveer protests: Rajnath Singh announced the Agnipath scheme on Tuesday. (Photo: ANI)

Agnipath scheme: There is a lot of angst regarding what the future would hold for the Agniveer soldiers after their retirement. The Central government has tweeted a detailed interactive chart to explain how it will support those who join the armed forces through the Agnipath scheme, following their retirement from service after four years. The government said Agniveers will be entitled to Rs 12 lakh when they exit the service which will help them start a new life. Those who want to start their businesses will get help securing business loans. The Centre will also help them get higher education should they choose to upgrade themselves. Agniveers who want to begin new careers will get preferential treatment during the recruitment drives of CAPF and police. 

What will Agniveers do after four years? 

  • Agniveers will get a package of Rs 12 lakh with which they will be able to start their lives afresh.
  • Those who want to run businesses will be preferred for bank loans.
  • Those who want to study further will get a certificate equivalent to Class 12. For further studies, the government will also arrange for bridging courses.
  • Those who want to start new careers will get priority in recruitment of CAPF, Assam Rifles and the police.
  • Many sectors, including IT, Security, Engineering, will give priority to the disciplined Agniveers. Many companies have made announcements to this effect. 

Agniveer soldiers will get other benefits as well. They will be paid a decent salary during four years of service. For the first year, they will be paid a cumulative salary package of Rs 30,000. They will get around 10 percent hike every year. This means their cumulative salaries will be Rs 33,000 for the second year, Rs 36,500 for the third year and Rs 40,000 for the fourth year. Though they won’t pay a provident fund contribution, around 30 percent of their salaries will be deducted every month for the Seva Nidhi corpus. The government will add an equal amount. Rs 11.77 lakh will be paid to each Agniveer when he exits the service after four years. 



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