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What is Bluetooth hacking? How to prevent it?


Bluetooth Hacking: As wireless devices have become popular, the use of Bluetooth technology has become a common scenario. From earphones to smart watches everything is connected with a simple Bluetooth technology, but if there are upsides to the technology, there are downsides too. 

Keeping the Bluetooth switched on while not in use can be dangerous, as devices can be hacked.

What is Bluetooth Hacking?

Bluetooth hacking is a technique used to get information from another Bluetooth enabled device without any permissions from the host. This event takes place due to security flaws in Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth hacking is not limited to cell phones, but is also used to hack laptops, mobiles and desktop computers.

Not only that, Bluetooth hacking can be done in many ways. Below are the three common hacking: 


As the name suggests, borne means spread through air, BlueBorne is an attack virus that spreads through air and gets into a device via Bluetooth and can then take full control of the device. The targeted device does not need to be paired to the attacker’s device or even to be set on discoverable mode, only if the bluetooth is on the phone can be hacked.


Bluesnarfing is when the hacker pairs with users’ device without the user being aware about it and steals or compromises your personal data. The attackers use tools like bluediving, which can be used for testing Bluetooth devices for known vulnerabilities and major things to hack into the device. 


As discoverable mode is a default setting in many devices, hackers can take control of the device i.e could listen to calls, read and send messages, and steal contacts,this is BlueBugging. It is done by pairing the device through Bluetooth. 

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How to know that the device is hacked?

– Unrecognised software installation, text messages one didn’t send, purchases one didn’t make, suspicious phone calls.

– Device works slower, uses way more resources and battery power and becomes hotter than usual. Malware working in the background might reduce its power significantly.

– Mysterious data usage spikes without any changes in usage on the individual’s part. Malicious processes might consume mobile data in the background.

– Apps that don’t run the way they should, switch on and off unexpectedly, or that crash or fail to load.

– If one notices lots of pop-ups appearing on your screen, then probably there is spyware or malware.

Tips to safeguard Bluetooth devices 

Two devices can be paired when they are relatively close in distance which gives hackers the opportunity to intervene. These are a few safety tips that individuals should follow:

– Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it is not needed, especially in public places.

– Do not accept pair requests from unknown devices 

– Make sure you always have the latest system software 

– Ensure that one purchases device has adequate security features

– Change Bluetooth settings to not discoverable 

– Always unpair with other devices after sharing 

– Use Two step authentication 

– Secure Bluetooth with password 

– Stay away from open Wi-Fi and always use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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