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What are the Sexual Treatments Offered by the best andrologist in Delhi?

Sexual health and problems are often neglected by men due to various reasons. But one must not neglect their sexual health issues and talk about it openly with their partner or best andrologist in Delhi. It can affect your relationship and health negatively. Sexual relationship is equally important in a relationship as emotional bonding between a couple. That is why it is necessary to talk about your sexual problems and consult sexologists for treatment. Half of the problem is cured just by talking about it and sharing what you are going through.

Role of Sexologist in treating male sexual problems-

The sexual problem in men is a cause of concern, and consulting a top andrologist in Delhi is advisable. It is necessary to consult with doctors before you begin any medicine or treatment. Knowing the cause of the sexual problem is essential. Many times, the sexual problem is because of psychological issues such as performance anxiety, stress, depression, etc., or physical issue or underlying health problem. Consulting the best andrologist in Delhi will help you know the cause of your problem, and they will provide a suitable treatment for the same.

Andrologists are experts who will diagnose the root cause before moving forward with the treatment. If you feel talking about your problem with your partner might drive you two away or have experienced any symptoms of sexual health issues, then you must book an appointment with the best sexologist doctor in Delhi. Sexologist doesn’t only provide medical treatments, but they are also trained in sex therapy. Many sexual problem cases do not require medicine but a counseling session which help boosts patients’ confidence and share their sexual desires and needs with their partner.

Men keep such issues to themselves, thinking it will harm their reputation and self-esteem. Sexual health issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, retrograde ejaculation, nightfall, and more result in a lack of intimacy, low self-esteem, depression, stress, and other psychological problems. It is another reason why men must consult the best andrologist in Delhi. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one of the top andrologists in Delhi who specializes in male sexual and reproductive health issues. He has treated over 10,000 patients successfully around the world in his career of 13 years. Additionally, he has gained special training and certifications in male sexual and reproductive health from the world’s best institute in the respective field.

Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction by the best andrologist in Delhi

Various treatment options are available for sexual dysfunctions. Many sexual dysfunctions are managed by treating underlying psychological or physical health problems. Various Treatment offered by the best andrologist in Delhi includes-

Oral medications-

Once the doctor determines the cause of sexual dysfunction and if the reason is a medical condition, severe psychological problem, or hormonal imbalance, the best andrologist doctor in Delhi prescribes medicine to treat it. There are drugs like sildenafil which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. If sexual dysfunction is due to some specific medication you are taking, then the doctor will prescribe another medicine that would not interfere with sexual functions.


The first treatment option the best andrologist in Delhi use before performing a thorough diagnosis for the cause of sexual dysfunction is therapy. Both sex therapy and psychotherapy are beneficial in treating patients with sexual dysfunction. According to Dr. Chirag Bhandari, half of the problem is cured by talking about it. Therapy helps to know if the cause is a psychological issue. Sex therapists and counselors help patients to face their trauma, fear, emotions, performance anxiety, stress, etc., which keeps them from having a fulfilling sexual life. They help them to work through, deal with them, and talk about it with their partners. They also educate couples about the problem and recommend practicing communication and behavioral therapy.

Mechanical Aids-

In many cases, such as erectile dysfunction, the best andrologist in Delhi uses mechanical aids to treat it. There are penis pumps and vacuum devices to treat ED. Another treatment, a penile implant, is for men who lost sensation in the penis due to injury. Penile enhancement by P-shot is also used to treat ED. Penis enlargement treatment is recommended for patients with micropenis conditions or who want to increase the size of their penis.

Benefits of Male rejuvenation therapy by the best andrologist in Delhi-

Male rejuvenation or penile rejuvenation therapy helps to increase the blood flow in the penis, which results in an enhanced erection. It improves sensation in the penis and sexual performance and helps in better orgasm. Another benefit of penile rejuvenation treatment is that it helps in getting spontaneous erections.


Consulting the best andrologist in Delhi can help men suffering from sexual dysfunction in many ways. Andrologists help men to have good sexual health, which also improves their overall well-being. Not only do they treat a specific sexual problem but make you aware of other alarming health issues. also read more exciting articles on

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