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Vice Chief of Army Staff BS Raju


The Central governments Agnipath scheme for the armed forces is hitting headlines for the past few days. Under this recruitment scheme the youth of the country will get a chance to serve in the Indian Army. Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt General BS Raju has said that by 2030-32, half of the 12 lakh army personnel will be ‘Agniveer’ through Agnipath scheme.

Speaking with leading daily, The Times of India, Lieutenant General BS Raju said, “The number of recruitments will be increased every year under this scheme. This year 40,000 personnel will be included in it. By the seventh and eighth year, its number will reach 1.2 lakh. Whereas in the tenth and eleventh year this number will reach 1.6 lakhs.”

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Job opportunity up to 15 years

It is being said that under the new scheme, 3000 Agniveers will be recruited in the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy this year. However, even here the number of recruitment will be increased year after year. Only 25% of the good soldiers from each batch of Agniveers will be inducted into the regular cadre for the next 15 years. Whereas the remaining 75% will be removed after four years.

Average age to come down

According to Vice Chief of Army Staff BS Raju, this scheme will also increase the fitness of the army. He said that at present the average age in the Indian Army is 32 years. But after 6-7 years of recruitment of Agniveers, this average age will come down to 24-26 years.

‘Scheme will not harm’

Some experts are claiming that after recruitment through this scheme, the enthusiasm and spirit of the youth in the Army may reduce. Because their recruitment will be for only four years. Some people are also saying that unemployment can increase in the country.

In fact, about 75% of the people will be laid off after every four years. However, Lt General BS Raju refutes these claims.


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