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Vastu expert Dr. Kunwar Sawhney became the first Indian to research on “Divorce & Separation”


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Vastu expert Dr. Kunwar Sawhney became the first Indian to research on “Divorce & Separation”

India is a melting pot of religions, ethnicities, views, beliefs, customs, dialects, civilizations, and traditions worldwide. While the country is known for producing some of the world’s most brilliant scientists and modern technology, it is also home to people who live their lives centered on Indian culture and customs. Even in the face of protest and controversy, many Indian traditions are nevertheless carefully retained by individuals across the country. Indian culture is still highly valued in Indian society, even though it is becoming increasingly modern. Considering this aspect, Dr. Kunwar Sawhney, a numerology graduate, decided to introduce methodologies and ideologies that wholly heal the masses.


Even if some firmly ingrained routines cause discomfort, changing them might be challenging. Dr. Kunwar Sawhney believes that the good news is that one can review and re-align these patterns to live a happier, more prosperous, and more peaceful life. With his intrinsic approach, Dr. Kunwar preaches that everyone has limitless potential for development. However, due to Vastu imbalances in their living or working spaces, individuals cannot reach their full potential and become disillusioned with life. They face difficulties with their health, finances, relationships, and confidence, among other things.


To remove these impediments, this astrological prodigy uses the classic, scientific and well-researched method of Vastu Shastra, which is based on the concept of different aspects, to assist each individual in realizing their full potential. Dr. Kunwar Sawhney seeks to balance the external space that surrounds a person and the space that exists within them. A human being can live in peace and attain health, riches, and prosperity by striking a delicate balance between the two. With his experience and knowledge, he helps people create a lifestyle that is in line with the laws of nature. As a result, each person’s path through life becomes calmer and more meaningful.


Dr. Kunwar Sawhney, through his brand Aroma Vastu, uses essential oil-based remedial techniques to align energy movements within a building or within an object that is related to the same. Following the idea of Kunwar Sawhney, who is the founder of the Kashi Academy for Holistic Innovation, a book named “Vastu Botanics” was launched.’ The book was launched at Banaras Hindu University by the Honorable Governor of J&K Manoj Sinha. The book provides a detailed self-help account of how plants are a blessing and should be planted in the proper direction to reap the maximum benefit. This Vastu professional’s observation, based on his self-invested scientific investigation, reveals the secret vitality of house gardens.


In the halls of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Jyotish Vidyalaya, a Kashi-based institution, Dr. Kunwar Sawhney and his colleagues also incepted Aroma Vastu, bringing together multiple experts from all realms of esoteric, mystic, and yogic research on a single platform. Aroma Vastu creates restorative combinations for human issues in modest steps, based on the enormous wisdom already stored in Vedic scriptures. Hundreds of plant extracts and their real-life healing properties were recorded by an inter-departmental team led by Dr. Kunwar Sawhney, and the brand was born. This intellectual mind also organized the very first research in India in the Pragati Maidan on the topic “Divorce and Separation” in 2016 with his holistic approach.


Traditional Indian Astrology, Vastushastra, Numerology, and Aromatherapy are used by focus groups within the team to analyse and repeat therapeutic remedies for a variety of subtle and wide modern-day difficulties. After that, there’s a lengthy herb selection procedure.


Maintain your Chakra balance as you embark on that long-awaited road trip to your favorite vacation spot. Moreover, the brand’s novel methodology has been lauded by the FRI (Forest Research Institute) in Dehradun, the AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologer Societies), and other important institutions.


Disclaimer : Above mentioned article is a brand desk content, This article is a paid publication and does not have journalistic/editorial involvement of IDPL, and IDPL claims no responsibility whatsoever.


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