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Trolled on tagging Sushmita’s parody account, Lalit Modi hits back


Former IPL chairman Lalit Modi faced brutal trolling on social media when he tagged a parody account of Sushmita Sen as he declared his love for the actor, and about his plans of getting married. 

On Sunday, the businessman took to Instagram to hit out at the trolls and the Indian media for mentioning him as “fugitive” in the reports and went on invoke a journalist to hit out at the “fake media”. 

In a long Instagram post, Lalit Modi wondered why he was being trolled, saying that he posted two pictures with the Aarya actress on Instagram and the “tag was correct”. 

While professing his love for the actress, instead of tagging the former Miss Universe, he tagged Sushmita’s parody account, which was noticed by netizens. Many took a dig at Lalit Modi and said that the IPL founder was ‘too excited’ hence made the mistake, while some said that he is behaving like a college kid who got into a relationship for the first time.Modi also refuted media reports claiming that his late wife Minal Modi was his friend’s mother and said that the latter was his “best friend for 12 years” before getting married.

“My advise live and let others live. Write the RIGHT NEWS – not like #donaldtrump style #Fakenews. And if u don’t know let me Enlighten u All- departed love of my life #minalmodi was MY BEST FRIEND for 12 years whilst she was married. She was not my mothers friend. That gossip was spread by vested interests,” he wrote. 

The first IPL chairman also expressed his anger for being tagged as ‘fugitive’ in the media reports. “I HOLD MY HEAD HIGHER THEN U ALL Ever can. THOU U CALL ME A “fugitive” – pray & tell me which court has “EVER CONVICTED” me. I will tell u none,” he wrote. 

Lalit Modi fled India way back in 2010 and have been living in London ever since then. He left India amid investigations into tax evasion and money-laundering cases.

Modi also claimed that he did not take any bribe and had Rs 40 crore in his bank accounts when he joined the BCCI on November29, 2005 — his birthday. He added that he had Rs 47,680 crore when he was banned by the tax authorities of India. 

On Thursday, Lalit Modi sent the social media into a frenzy as he announced his relationship with Sushmita Sen. He professed his love for her in the caption but also clarified that the two are just dating and have not tied the knot yet.

“Just back in london after a whirling global tour #maldives # sardinia with the families – not to mention my #betterhalf @sushmitasen47 – a new beginning a new life finally. Over the moon (sic),” he had tweeted.

The post created a lot of buzz on social media with many speculating if the duo are going to get married soon. However, the ex-IPL boss soon clarified that the two are ‘just dating’. “Just for clarity. Not married – just dating each other. That too will happen one day,” he said.



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