Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Top Gun Maverick Is A Perfect Fan Service For Tom Cruise Fans


Maverick is back and how! The Top Gun sequel, titled Top Gun: Maverick, has taken over the summer screens this weekend. The Tom Cruise film is not loaded with overwhelming CGI, nor with never-ending pumping action like Marvel, but it is a great tribute to one of the finest movies of 1986. It is, all in all, a fond sequel to the classic hit with a great storyline and a nostalgic cast particularly ‘Iceman’ Van Kilmer.

Cruise, 59, is glowing in the movie and I can’t be anything other than amazed at how at 59, he still is able to do what he does while all I can do is sip that cola and stuff that cheese popcorn in this ‘one pack’ belly of mine. This movie is for hardcore fans of Tom Cruise, who does all these impossible missions — including the one in this sequel, whose smile sweeps women off their feet, who plays on the beach in the sun and dons a body that even the fittest Bollywood stars would kill to have at 60.

Storywise, the movie is about a Captain who refuses promotions, loves flying at Mach10, takes risks like I take Dolo650 and teaches the best class of pilots in the world how to fly without fear. Some high-energy scenes do lift your spirits but the best takeaway from Top Gun: Maverick is the perfect sequel ode one could have possibly given to Top Gun. Except for a few dull scenes with Jennifer Connelly, that look forced to fit into the movie, everything else is seamless. I was expecting Meg Ryan to show up but she didn’t.

Go watch it as a refreshing start to the summer break and to thank God that movies are finally returning to big screens and that you can listen to the sweet sound of people collectively chewing on cheese popcorn and slurping cola and to well, the God of a Gorgeous Body called Tom Cruise.

Here’s to hoping to look this hot at 59!

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