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Third Vande Bharat Express reaches Chandigarh for high-speed trial


Indian Railways Third Vande Bharat Express reaches Chandigarh for high-speed trial

During the speed test, the third Vande Bharat express arrived at the Chandigarh stabling line. The train, which left ICF Chennai last week and arrived in Chandigarh, is undergoing ongoing high-testing.

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According to railway authorities, the RDSO (Research Design and Standards Organization) will perform several testing on the train and then only will CRS provide you with safety clearance. Furthermore, Indian Railways would produce 74 additional Vande Bharat trains every year in the future.

Last Monday, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav inspected the third Vande Bharat train and handed it over to the RDSO for testing. Since then, the train experiment has begun. This train has arrived at Chandigarh.

The Vande Bharat train will be put through its paces on regular, poor, and excellent tracks. A total of one and a half to two months are needed to complete all of these trials. If more time is required for trial, it may be conducted each day. Railway Safety Commissioner approval will be sought after successful testing (CRS). 

Until August 15, 2023, Indian Railways will be busy getting 75 Vande Bharat trains ready to run (in a year). The Ministry of Railways has said that the other 74 Vande Bharat trains would be built as soon as possible after the completion of the new train. The first two or three months will see the construction of an average of three Vande Bharat every month. Next, monthly output will rise from 6 to 7. This will allow for the preparation of at least 75 trains by next year.

A lot of the technological aspects of the original Vande Bharat Express have been updated in the new version. As it is, passengers on the Vande Bharat can only adjust the back of their seats to their liking, but with the new train, they’ll be able to do so all the way around. Additional adjustments have also been made with the passengers’ comfort in mind.


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