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The Broken News Review: Jaideep Alhawat is as Brilliant as Ever, Sonali Bendre Deserved More Screen Time


The Broken News, starring Sonali Bendre, Shriya Palgaonkar and Jaideep Alhawat in the lead, revolves around two television news channels named Aawaz Bharti and Josh 24×7. While the former believes in bringing truth to the people, the latter always presents ‘masala news’ that helps them gain TRP.

The plot of the show is simple, it presents how Aawaz Bharti is working to unearth a big government and corporate scam that Josh 24×7 has been trying hard to hide. But there’s a twist. Just when you think that the show will have a good and a happy ending, it will surprise you and blow your mind. The fact that the show does not have a happy or positive ending is what makes it different.

There are several sub-plots in the show. Sonali has an affair with a man who is already married, there is a hint of a complicated relationship between Shriya and one of her rival channel’s employees and Jaideep Alhawat’s personal life turmoil. However, these aspects are left less explored by the makers. Rather, they are shut in haste by the writers.

Jaideep Alhawat has emerged as the hero of the show. He is brilliant as always. From being smart to cunning and emotional and vulnerable, he has presented all emotions in a very apt way. His acting skills make the show look even more real. On the other hand, Shriya Pilgaonkar failed to deliver anything extraordinary. Yes, her character is fierce but throughout the show her facial expressions remain the same. Even when she is emotional and teary-eyed during a scene, she doesn’t look impressive at all.

Sonali Bendre is calm and perfect. However, the makers should probably have given more screen-time to her. In comparison to Jaideep and Shriya, we get to see very little of Sonali. If makers would have offered Shriya’s role to Sonali, it would definitely have worked better.

There’s one scene in the show which deserves to be mentioned. It’s when Sonali tells her lover that she has resigned, breaks down the next moment but then gets up immediately to clean a broken glass. In a fraction of a second, Sonali gives a very crucial lesson to all – come what may, get up and work hard. Needless to say, she performed the scene effortlessly and beautifully.

The fact that the show is gripping for the audience is because it looks real, very real. One can connect with whatever is being shown. There is no exaggeration or over the top drama. In other words, it can be argued that the show is a reflection of today’s world.

The way with which the show has ended, it is likely that it will have another season.

Overall, the show is worth watching. You may find it slow during the initial episodes, but it picks up its plot in the second half. Yes, there should have been more of Sonali Bendre and lastly, Jaideep Alhawat is the winner of the show.

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