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The Best Software for Professional Logo Design for 2022

Top Software Logo Design Software

Adobe Illustrator

In lists of the best professional logo design, Adobe Illustrator frequently appears. Among many others, the most well-liked vector logo design program aids users in producing the most exquisite logos. With so many tools at their disposal, it is a terrific approach for both amateur and experienced designers to create a logo. With all of Adobe Illustrator’s features, any designer would be content, but the cost of the program is another issue.

You must pay $ 20.99 a month to utilize what is perhaps the best logo design software, complete with all the best templates and features. Before opting not to use the full Illustrator edition, you may also use the free trial. The costs of Adobe Illustrator can be justified for a designer who wishes to use high-quality tools. There are options available for learners and enthusiasts. Logo design businesses commonly use this software.


If you’re a novice designer who wants to start marketing your goods, DesignEVO might be your best option for a logo. It has more than 10,000 templates to simplify creating a logo for even the most sophisticated individual. Additionally, there is no need to download anything to use this program. As long as you are satisfied with the 300 300 px logo, it operates online and is available in a free edition. The chance for beginners to experiment with creating various designs is drastically reduced.

If you try the free category and find enough program features to create a free logo, you should only use $ 24.99 to get the Basic tier or upgrade to the best Plus tier for $ 49.99.


CorelDRAW is one of the greatest and most comprehensive logos and graphics design programs, making generating and altering logos incredibly simple. It requires more time to master than others, but it contains many features and practical elements that you must become used to. If you wish to create your own logos, CorelDRAW is extremely helpful. The ability to create vector files with this program is yet another fantastic feature.

The cost of CorelDRAW Pro is $602, which might sound expensive, but it is a one-time fee rather than a continuing monthly membership. You can sample the application with a 30-day money-back guarantee on both Windows and Mac.


If you’ve thought about purchasing Photoshop simply to make high-quality logos but can’t justify the price, think about using GIMP instead. You may enhance your logo using this free design program, which you can download and use now. After spending a few hours reading it, you may use this free tool to create logos and create images for social media or Shopify. Many individuals in the industry use it to create logos for their businesses.

One of the best things about GIMP is that plugins can give it greater power. It is compatible with many different systems and is easily comparable to top Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop.


Inkscape is on a list of free software for creating logos. Once you have a basic understanding of how it works, this powerful vector and logo design program is simple to use. It allows designers to produce top-notch vector designs without worrying about ongoing costs. The variety of tools it offers includes everything a logo designer, even a pro, may require. In order to make it a potent design tool for generating a logo, it also features a web design library.

Additional resources are pen, calligraphy, pencil, text, and sanding tools. However, it does not function well with Adobe Illustrator if you desire a multi-software workflow when working on a logo.

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