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Teacher dancing with students on “Jhumka Bareilly Wala” in an empty classroom


For a very special cause, a video of a teacher and children has gone viral on social media. It’s clear that the instructor and her kids are grooving to the remixed Jhumka Bareli Wala version. Their impressive movements are the star of the show in this video.

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The video, which has more than 5.75 lakh views as of this writing, shows the teacher and the students attempting to coordinate their motions. A teacher at a school in New Delhi, India named Manu Gulati took video of herself and her students dancing together and shared it on Twitter.

Manu wrote in her post: Manu wrote in his post: ” दिल्ली शहर का सारा मीना बाज़ार ले के। Our imperfect dance moves on the last day of summer camp…leading to some perfect moments of joy and togetherness. #SchoolLife #TeacherStudent”

The online community had an overwhelming positive reaction to the dancing video.


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