Home Education Simple Santa Claus Easy Drawing For Kids | Easy Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Simple Santa Claus Easy Drawing For Kids | Easy Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Simple Santa Claus Easy Drawing For Kids | Easy Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Easy Drawing For Kids demonstrates step-by-step how to draw Santa Claus in this drawing tutorial. You’re in for a thrilling creative process.

You will undoubtedly enjoy this course because it is all about drawing Santa Claus, which is everyone’s favorite cartoon figure. We hope that when you put this lesson into practice and experience the Christmas spirit, you will feel good feelings. You can use this lesson to your advantage as you practice drawing a human figure.

Easy Santa Claus Drawing

Children always look forward to the holiday since Santa Claus is so generous, and his main focus is providing gifts for them for the New Year.

Santa Claus is typically seen wearing a red suit with white trim. Santa Claus wears a red cap on his head. Easy Drawing For Kids Santa Claus has a fantastic mustache and beard. All of these characteristics are depicted in the figure.

Needed time: one hour.

Drawing Santa Claus


  • Sketch the base.
  • Use only thin lines for this phase. Draw the head as an oval, then add the pelvic and thoracic region contours. Mark the location of the limbs using simple, thin lines. Simple Santa Claus drawing instructions.


  • Make markings on the head and add the torso outline.
  • Draw the neck as a cylinder and the connecting lines between the thoracic region and the pelvis. Draw two transverse lines on the head.


  • Draw the legs and arms.
  • The limbs are composed of several cylindrical components, and the joints are shaped like circles. As guides, use the lines you already drew.


  • Make a facial feature sketch.
  • You must describe the face in depth at this phase. Draw the eyes, brows, nose, and little mouth using the rules as a guide.


  • Draw a beard and mustache.
  • Add the thick, rounded beard to the lower portion of the face at this point. Use brief, irregular strokes to achieve this. Make a mustache.


  • Show the cap.
  • The head’s primary components are already prepared; the headdress is the only thing left. Draw a cap the same shape as the one in our illustration on Santa Claus’ head.


  • Insert the sleeves.
  • Draw lines to the sides and shoulders, starting from the beard. Draw the outer edges of the sleeves with a wavy line, then add the thick bottom cuffs.


  • The jacket’s bottom should be drawn out.
  • Add the wide trim to the bottom of the jacket and draw the broad belt with the square buckle.
  • Put your pants on.
  • Continue designing Santa’s attire in this phase, and add the broad, smooth-lined pants.


  • Show the boots.
  • Time to sketch the shoes now. The boots‘ tops are sufficiently wide, and the fronts have buckles.
  • Correct any errors.
  • Now that the major body parts have been drawn, you may assess if you drew them accurately. To get the drawing ready for coloring, delete any extra lines now.
  • Color the illustration.
    You will need several red hues, as well as pink and brown, for this tutorial. Don’t forget to add shadows to your drawing to make it more realistic.