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Roll back ‘Agnipath’ scheme in interest of youth, says Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann


Condemning the decision of NDA government to implement Agnipath scheme in the Indian armed forces as “a retrogressive step”, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Friday sought its roll back its decision in the larger interest of the country and the youth.

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“After agriculture it is a serious attack on the youth, which is unwarranted and undesirable. It is a huge loss for Punjabi youth who are ever ready to serve their motherland by joining the Army,” he said.

The Chief Minister, in a statement, said that the decision “reflects the sorry state of affairs in the country as the party in power is recklessly running the country without bothering about its youth”.

He said this mindless decision has put the country on boil as the youth of the country have came on roads to protest against this irresponsible move of the Centre.

Mann said his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) vehemently opposes this move which deprives the youth of the opportunity to serve the country throughout the life and rendering them useless after service of mere four years.

He said it is unfortunate that the Union government has not employed even a single youth in the army during the last two years. He said now through this Agnipath decision the Centre is allowing a youth to serve the army merely for four years and that too without pension.

Mann said this is sheer humiliation of the Indian Army that has a glorious heritage of serving the country with valour, sacrifice and selfless service.


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