Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Property dealer shot dead in broad daylight in Jamia Nagar


On Sunday, a 40-year-old property dealer was shot and killed in broad daylight in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar, and horrific footage of the crime was recorded by nearby CCTV cameras.

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Wasif Sattar Ghazi, the victim, was killed in a shooting at Noor Nagar, which is part of the Jamia Nagar neighbourhood. The two-wheeled assailants hit the victim’s bicycle first, knocking him off his bike.

One of the assailants was seen dismounting from the motorcycle and preparing a weapon. He took a head-on shot at the victim and then ran away with his accomplice.

The authorities have not yet determined a motive for the assault. They are searching through hours of surveillance video.

The police have opened a murder investigation and are looking for the perpetrators. There will be further digging done soon.


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