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Pre and Post Auto Collision Checklist To Do After Car Accident

A car accident can be a bother that doesn’t have to be there. And nobody plans to have an accident. Traffic accidents happen all the time, so it’s usually not a question of if you’ll be in one but when. Experts on auto collision repair have put together a list of things you should do after a car accident. Here is the list of pre-auto collision checklists.

Pre-Checklist for Car Accidents

Stay Safe

Take a look at your immediate surroundings and safety if you need to stay in your car because you could get hurt or because moving could make you more likely to get hurt.

Move to a Safe Place

If you can, move your car to the side of the road and prevent the roads from blocking traffic or making a safety hazard. It is the important thing that you have to do.

Gather Information

 Talk to the other drivers about their insurance and how to reach them. If there are witnesses, get their information as well.

Document the Scene

If you have a smartphone, it is safe to take pictures of the damaged vehicles and property and things at the scene like debris, fallen branches, skid marks, etc. Take photographs of street signs to aid in determining the location, as well as other factors that may have contributed to the car accident. Also, take pictures of the license plates of the other cars.

Post-Checklist for Car Accidents

No matter which body shop you choose to fix your towing car, experts always say that you should check the work carefully before paying the bill and leaving the shop. To make things easier for you, we asked the technical experts at the collision repair centre for a list of things you should do before picking up your fixed car from the shop.

Check the Auto Repair Bill Items if Done Well

When you pick up your car, you should carefully check the repair bill to ensure that all the work is done correctly. Also, look for a list of the parts that have been installed and how they were ordered.

Inspect your Vehicle

Do not take the car without first checking it out carefully. The areas you have asked to be fixed are the ones you should pay the most attention to. Check the tire change in Toronto services also. But you should also check the doors, hood, and trunk to see if they open and close normally. These parts were taken off during the repair process, so they must be returned correctly and with care. But there may have been times when the mechanics didn’t take things seriously enough.

Check the Electric and Mechanical Parts

Start the car and take it for a test drive before you take it back. This will automatically let you know if all the mechanical and electrical parts are working correctly. Turn on all the car’s lights, speed up the car to check the engine, and put your feet on the pedals to see if they feel right.

Also, check the battery to see if it is still working normally and can turn on the headlights, taillights, dashboard lights, Car AC, audio system, and anything else in your car that uses the car battery.

Check the Paint on the Car

The body paint is the last thing to check, but it is just as important as the other things because any part of your car’s body that isn’t covered will be vulnerable to problems. Check the car body for dust and uneven paint.

Even after all these checks, if you take your car home and find a problem, don’t be afraid to take it back to the car collision repair shop and tell the experts what’s wrong.


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