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Post-pandemic scene in India: Sweet and sour shocks felt, remedies needed


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Post-Pandemic Scene In India: Sweet & Sour Shocks Felt, Remedies Needed – Dr Jagdish Chandra Rout

The unprecedented and catastrophic pandemic, christened ‘Covid’ since 2019, has not only rattled and ravaged mankind worldwide but has also compelled the respective governments globally to learn life lessons in the field of governance, especially in the specific sectors of public health, education, social welfare, local body and environmental governance, proper maintenance of statistical records, rightful reforms for dispensing governance by utilizing apt technology.

1)       Health Sector: While the health experts have reportedly pointed out that the Government of India (GoI) simply reposed firm faith in the policies formulated by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) during the Covid-19 crisis, they have also simultaneously batted for a revised set of guidelines in sync with the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework (PIPF). The experts have reportedly argued that the NDMA policies are not purely health-specific.    

The health experts have reportedly elucidated that the PIPF advocates for the adequate number of surveillance centres and needful laboratory networks, proper mechanisms, and above all, the deployment of trained health personnel sufficiently across India. Also, utmost stress has been laid on improvement in the data-collection technique as well as quality.  

2)       Education Sector: Since all the schools, colleges and universities (both general and technical institutions) had to be shut down as a precautionary measure to avert the alarming spread of the highly contagious and fatal Covid virus, ‘online education’ took centre stage and amazingly replaced the conventional method of classroom teachings. Nevertheless, the educationists strongly opine that ‘online education can be emergent support but can never be an alternative in true letter and spirit.

Such exigency has taught the GoI to design the ‘teacher training courses’ accordingly so that both the conventional and online teachings get conveniently blended. Besides, concerted efforts need to be initiated in a bid to bridge the learning gaps as well as make up the learning losses in time.

So far as the other sectors are concerned, the need of the hour warrants:

a)       Highlighting the flaws in the present system of recording deaths caused by pandemics, the experts strongly bat for an accurate mechanism, regular audit of birth and death records, and chiefly recommend for integration of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS). A state-wise action plan is a must in this regard.

b)       The experts reportedly contend that public health protection must be prioritised more than economic growth, even though the pandemic plundered the global economy. Thus, a judicious approach should be lent to maintaining better environmental standards, and the regulatory decisions ought to be taken by the national Government accordingly.

c)       Belts to be tightened up by the Government to avert shocking child abuse and domestic violence cases as were alleged during the lockdown period. Also, utmost stress must be laid on providing livelihood facilities as well as food and nutritional guarantees to the vulnerable populace.  

d)       E-governance and the use of the latest technology for the larger benefits of the citizens, especially the common man, warrant a more robust approach as strongly recommended by the experts in public policymaking.

In a nutshell, simply learning from experience and sitting idle after the crisis gets waned and tided over is a sheer sign of myopia and idiocy by both the administration and the citizenry. Catastrophe must be deemed a blessing in disguise or an acid test. The catalyst of betterment and improvisation is moulded effectively like a busy bee and white ant.



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