Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Nupur Sharma arrested by police over Prophet Muhammad remark? Know truth here


A new update in the Nupur Sharma controversy surfaced on social media, when a video was being circulated online, allegedly showing that the former BJP spokesperson has been arrested by the police for her remarks against Prophet Muhammad during a TV debate.

A video was being shared online of a woman who was being dragged and assaulted by a mob while being guided by the police. The caption on the video claimed that the woman was Nupur Sharma, and she was finally arrested by the authorities in relation to the cases filed against her.

Ever since Nupur Sharma made comments about Prophet Muhammad during a TV news debate, there have been many cries by opposition leaders and the Muslim community for her arrest. Many complaints have been filed by state authorities against Sharma over the controversy as well.

Though the video circulated over Twitter and Facebook claimed that Nupur Sharma has been arrested, it must be noted that the video is fake. No reports regarding the arrest of Nupur Sharma have surfaced yet, and authorities have not put out any official statements on the issue.

After major criticism by the Muslim community and several Gulf countries, the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) suspended her and Delhi media-in-charge Naveen Jindal for comments against Prophet Muhammad. After her suspension, Sharma said that she had received several death threats over social media due to her comments.

Urging the Delhi Police to provide her with security, Sharma had tweeted, “@CPDelhi I’m being bombarded with rape, death and beheading threats against my sister, mother, father & myself. I’ve communicated the same to @DelhiPolice. If anything untoward happens to me or any of my family members.”

Earlier, the Maharashtra police had said that they have not been able to get in touch with Nupur Sharma regarding the case filed against her in Mumbai. The authorities had said that Sharma was “missing” and a team in Delhi is currently trying to know her whereabouts.

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