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Nupur Alankar Quits Showbiz After 27 Years and Takes Sanyas, Reveals She's Separated from Her Husband


After dedicating almost three decades of her life to the showbiz business, actress Nupur Alankar has quit acting and renounced all worldly desires. The actress has left Mumbai and is on her way to the Himalayas. In an interview with ETimes, Nupur revealed that she took sanyaas in February, this year. Ever since, she has been busy visiting pilgrimages and has involved herself in helping people who are in need. Nupur shared, “I have always been inclined towards spiritualism and had been following adhyatm, so it was a matter of time before I devoted myself completely to it.

The actress turned sanyasi is elated to find a guru and she credits all her time at CINTAA (Cine and TV Artistes Association), where she worked as a committee member. Nupur used to conduct health workshops, following which she got in contact with her now-guru, who has changed the course of her life.”

Nupur revealed that only after the death of her mother in December 2020, she realised that she didn’t fear losing anything anymore. “I felt free from all expectations and duties. In fact, my sanyaas got delayed because my brother-in-law (Kaushal Agarwal) was stuck in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the country,” she added. When Nupur says free from all ties, she is also talking about her marriage with Alankar Srivastava. She mentions that her husband has freed her and his family has also accepted her decision. Nupur and Alankar tied the knot in 2002. And even though they are not together, Nupur said that they haven’t taken the legal route. Here is what she has to say for her estranged husband, “I wish Alankar the best in life. It (marriage) was great till it lasted. We aren’t together though we haven’t taken the legal route for separation.”

Nupur calls her journey to the Himalayas “a big step.” She believes that being in the Himalayas will uplift and accelerate her spiritual journey. As far as her expenses are concerned, she said, “I have rented out my flat in Mumbai to take care of my travel and basic expenses.”
Nupur has been a part of 157 TV shows including Shaktimaan, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, and Tantra. She has also acted in film like Raja Ji, Saawariya and Sonali Cable.

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