Home News Nitish Kumar opens up on RCP Singh’s JD-U exit, says ‘unhone bahut gadbad kiya’

Nitish Kumar opens up on RCP Singh’s JD-U exit, says ‘unhone bahut gadbad kiya’

Nitish Kumar opens up on RCP Singh’s JD-U exit, says ‘unhone bahut gadbad kiya’


After a terrific turn of events in Bihar politics in the last week, 8-time Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday opened up on the episode and his former close aide RCP Singh, saying that the leader “messed up a lot”. 

Slamming the former Janata Dal (United) senior leader whose exit from the party triggered the split with BJP, Kumar said, “Unhone Bahaut gadbad kiya.” 

“Who knew him before? I catapulted him to new heights. I gave him my place as party chief in 2020. Important responsibilities were given. We gave him a lot of respect. When he became a minister at the Centre, we asked him to quit the party chief post and gave it to Lalan ji. He has hurt the sentiments of people in the party by his statements,” Kumar was quoted as saying on RCP Singh.

Singh had resigned after receiving a show-cause notice from JD-U over him and his family “amassing vast immovable property from 2013 to 2022” and “many discrepancies” that had come to light.

While addressing the issue of RCP Singh, the Bihar CM also opened up on his party’s exit from the BJP-led NDA alliance. He alleged that the BJP failed to give enough representation to Bihar in the Union Cabinet. He said that he had asked for 4 berths at the Centre in PM Narendra Modi’s cabinet, but the demand was not met. 

“How many people from Bihar did they (BJP) make a Minister at Centre? I told them to make our people ministers too. I asked for four ministers from our party. They did not give,” he said. 

On  why he broke the alliance, Kumar said, “We had discussions in our party, it was people’s wish. Even during polls, winning candidates said nobody from BJP supported them and losing candidates said they were defeated by BJP people. I had to keep my party safe and act as per people’s wish,” Kumar said.

He also added that his newly-formed Mahagathbandhan government with RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav as Deputy CM will likely expand the cabinet after August 15. 

The new government in Bihar is set for a floor test on August 24 to prove its majority in the state assembly.

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