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Major Review: Adivi Sesh Brings to Life the Story of the Brave Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan


Director Sashi Kiran Tikka and producer Mahesh Babu have come up with a film that is surely going to touch millions of hearts across borders. Based on the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who is known for his bravery during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, the movie is not about the death of the heroic soldier but is about celebrating the life he lived. The film is written by Adivi Sesh, who also plays the titular role of the NSG commando, who was a part of the elite 51 Special Action Group (SAG) of the National Security Guards (NSG).

A Mahesh Babu production, the movie starts with the famous dialogue by Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, “Don’t come up, I’ll handle them.” However, while most of us will expect that the film would be a step-by-step depiction of what would have happened back at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel that night, to everyone’s surprise, the terror attack only comes towards the climax part. The major chunk of the film is based on the life of the martyred Major. Prakash Raj plays the role of Major Sandeep’s father, K Unnikrishnan, while Revathi played the role of his mother, Dhanalakshmi Unnikrishnan.

Besides showing the struggle and dedication that a young Sandeep Unnikrishnan had to join the armed forces, the film showcases a point of view that probably not many know of so far. The film indulges in a storyline from the point of view of his parents and how initially his father, K Unnikrishnan, was a tad bit reluctant for letting his son join the Indian Army. Prakash Raj has always impressed the audiences and critics alike with his expressions and acting skills, and this time too, he has hit the right chord. Right from his dialogue delivery to his emotions, the actor aces each and every scene where he appears on screen as the father. One truly would feel the pain and sacrifices K Unnikrishnan would have gone through in his life and when he learnt about the death of his brave son.

Similarly, Revathi’s performances would also help you relate to a mother’s love and affection towards her son, in this case, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Revathi, who is seen playing the role of Dhanalakshmi, has done a phenomenal job in bringing to life a mother’s tale that was to date untold. Coming to Saiee Manjrekar, she plays the role of Isha, Major Sandeep’s wife. Though the filmmakers decided to change the character’s name in the movie, Saiee surely has got the job done right. From school-time romance to a soldier’s wife, who realizes that her partner is a soldier first and then a husband, Saiee has managed to showcase what would have been the sacrifices and mental pressure on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s partner.

Overall, the story, direction, music and cinematography are on point. Honestly, it is difficult to remove flaws in a movie that inspires, moves and leaves you in tears. We all know the Ashoka Chakra recipient because of his brave acts, but thanks to Sashi Kiran Tikka’s Major, we know what it meant to his family. All said and done, Major is a celebration of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s extraordinary journey called life.

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