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Luv Sinha On Siddhant Kapoor Drugs Controversy: ‘Until Rot in Justice System Has Been Cleaned, Things Won’t Improve’


Shraddha Kapoor’s brother, Siddhant Kapoor had allegedly testing positive for drugs post a rave party. Reports suggested that the actor had been taken to custody as well by the Bengaluru Police. His father, actor Shakti Kapoor refuted the rumours. Now, Sonakshi Sinha’s brother, and Shatrughan Sinha’s son, Luv Sinha has shared his opinion on the matter.

Taking to his Twitter, Luv Sinha wrote, “I won’t comment on #SiddhanthKapoor but I would like to know that If our respected officials are as efficient as they would like us to believe then how is drug use rampant amongst the elite, the underprivileged, the youth, and so easy to buy.”

He continued and added, “Selectively highlighting the arrest of an individual seems like an effort to show that they are doing their job, instead of actually doing it. I’m against the consumption of drugs, but until the rot in the justice system has been cleaned up things won’t improve. Arrest the producers, dealers and not just the users who may get addicted to a substance which can affect their lives negatively and has an impact on so many others indirectly. I hope that my friend Siddhant comes out of this stronger and wiser.” See the tweets here:

Talking exclusively to News18, Shakti Kapoor had earlier said, “I am not aware of anything. I have just gotten up from my sleep and my phone has started ringing continuously. He hasn’t been arrested but detained by the cops for consumption (of drugs). I don’t think there was any possession. I have as much information as it is coming out in the news and I am really troubled by this news.”

Earlier today, it was said that Siddhant was partying at a hotel on MG Road in Bengaluru, where the police conducted a raid on the basis of a tip-off. Siddhanth is among the six people allegedly found to have consumed drugs, as revealed by the Bengaluru police.

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