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Know the detailed process of razing down Noida’s iconic building


The 40-storied twin towers will be demolished using controlled explosion.

The much-talked-about Supertech Twin Towers, which remained embroiled in a legal battle for years, are finally getting demolished by this month, on August 28. The twin towers in Noida Sector 93 A will be demolished by order of the Noida Authority, using large-scale explosives.

According to sources, the towers will be demolished at 2:30 pm on Aug 28. The decision was taken during a review meeting of all the stakeholders chaired by Noida Authority Additional CEO Praveen Mishra.

The authority said residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village will be required to vacate their homes and remove their vehicles by 7 a.m. on August 28. There are around 1.396 flats with over 5,000 residents.

“If any resident has more than one vehicle and has no space to park it in the premises, then the authority will make arrangements for parking of such vehicles….The residents can return home after 4 pm after clearance from Edifice Engineering is received,” said the authority in a statement.

The authority, however, only permitted Emerald Court and ATS Village security guards to remain on the premises until noon on August 28.

The engineers working with Edifice Engineering, the company tasked to demolish the structure, said all necessary measures to prevent damage to the nearby buildings are being taken up. “The building will collapse like water,” said one engineer.

The 40-storied twin towers are the tallest buildings ever to be demolished using controlled explosions. Earlier, the company had demolished 18 storied buildings using the same method.

Uktarsh Mehta, partner with Edifice Engineering said, “We have had a series of meetings with the nearby residents and they are satisfied with the safety measures we are taking. Nets, cloth, and perimeter curtains have been installed to provide three layers of protection from dust and debris to nearby buildings. Any debris falling will be stopped by one of the three layers. The geotextiles installed between the buildings will grab any stray debris.”

A whopping 3,500 kg of explosives will be filled in 9,400 strategically dug holes to safely bring down the 100-meter-tall structures.

The explosives were brought from Haryana’s Palwal district. The authorities have already secured the approvals needed for the demolition ordered by the Supreme Court. 

Noida Police are taking no chances as to the law and order. They have deployed additional force in the vicinity of the twin towers and have restricted entry of unauthorised people. 

They have also shut down a 500-meter road stretch in front of the tower for traffic movement. 

The Supreme Court last year ruled that Supertech’s Apex and Ceyane towers were to be demolished as the structures had been built inside the Emerald Court society’s premises in violation of the norms. 


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