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Kiara Advani Reveals Rumoured Beau Sidharth Malhotra Has Changed Her ‘Palate’ While Shooting for Shershah


It has been a year since Shehshah had released. The film, based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra, had moved all who had watched it. It was also Vikram Batra’s relationship with Dimple Cheema that simply tugged the hearts of the audience. The fact that Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani’s chemistry was electric only made it better. Now, as the film completes a year, the duo came together for a live.

A video call, that later turned to a reunion as Sidharth and Kiara were together at the former’s place, the Live was everything cute. During the live, Sidharth recalled how Kiara would have fish, a dish that she absolutely loved to have. However, Kiara complained and recalled how her entire palate had changed during the shoot of the film, all thanks to Sid. Sid just said, “I have brought flavours to your life and changed your palate.”

Sidharth also recalled visiting a monastery in Dharmasala, a 2 hour drive from Palampur. The two recalled how Kiara would be shocked to see the oil dripping from the food at a local dhaba, but Sidharth simply gobbled it. When Kiara joked that the total of 4 hour drive must have disappointed Sidharth, he quickly replies that he ‘didn’t mind the drive’, thanks to Kiara’s presence. Kiara responded by blushing!

Kiara and Sidharth played Punjabis in the film, and also had to speak a fair deal of the language. Sidharth recalled that the actress had no knowledge of Punjabi when they started the shoot, but had learnt it in the process of shooting Shershah. Kiara also revealed that she and Sidharth spoke about the project before she had joined the cast. In fact, Kiara had not told Sidharth about the meeting with the makers, but obviously he had gotten to know about the film because he was very involved in it.

The duo also hinted at coming together for a project again, but did not elaborate on it further.

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