Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Kashmir-based YouTuber apologises for video depicting Nupur Sharma’s beheading


A Kashmir-based YouTuber, who posted online a digitally recreated graphic video that showed him beheading an effigy of suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on Saturday issued a fresh video apologising for his action.

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“Yesterday, I made a VFX video about Nupur Sharma which went viral all over India. And an innocent person such as me got implicated in the controversy,” You Tuber Faisal Wani said today in an apology video posted on his channel. In his apology video, Wani states that he did not have any intention of hurting the sentiments the other religions. The Youtuber further clarified that he had deleted his original disturbing video, also posted on his channel and had gone viral.

In his apology, Wani said, “I hope you will make this video viral too like my other video. This is how everyone will know that I am apologetic about my actions.”

Earlier this month, BJP suspended Nupur Sharma and expelled Delhi BJP media unit Naveen Jindal over their controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad.

Protests had erupted in several parts of the country against the comments with protests in several cities in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jharkhand`s Ranchi and West Bengal`s Howrah and Kolkata among others.

Following the comments made by Sharma and Jindal, several Gulf countries demanded a public apology and saw calls for a boycott of products made in India.

Several FIRs have been filed against Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal in various states


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