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Jennifer Winget on TV Actors' Struggle to Enter Bollywood: 'Not As Difficult As It Used To Be' | Exclusive


Television actress Jennifer Winget has worked in several TV shows including Saraswatichandra, Bepannah, Kkusum, Kasautii Zindagii Kay and Beyhadh. The actress will be next seen in Voot Select’s new web show Code M Season 2. As Jennifer gears up for the second season of the show, the actress talked to News18 about her journey, difficulties and preparation for the role. The actress also opened up about her thoughts on TV actors facing difficulties to get roles in Bollywood.

Code M sees Jennifer Winget as the brave and badass Major Monica Mehra. We asked her about the preparation and training she did for the role of an army officer. Jennifer said, “In both the seasons we spent a lot of time in getting the nuances right of an army officer, as there is a certain way in which they conduct themselves. We did a few training sessions when it comes to combatting and worked with the action-master to see what I can comfortably do because it is very important that whatever stunts I do, should be effortless and shouldn’t look like they are forced. So, a big shout out to our director and the action master who helped me achieve that.”

The actress spoke about the experience of working with Tanuj Virwani. She said, “It’s been great, from season 1 to season 2, I think his antics have just gotten crazier. He just makes me laugh a lot, and I look forward to working with him every time I go on sets because he is amazing. He is such a ball of joy, energy and happiness. So, we get along amazingly well. It is just easy and fun being around him. It is effortless talking to him or doing a scene with him because we have also known each other so well, since the last two seasons of Code M and we did shooting together. He would throw some one-liners in between the shot and you will be wondering what he just said. So, It is just fun being around him and I can’t remember any behind the scene right now, But, I do remember, as serious as the show looks, on screen, we had a ball creating it.”

The actress became popular in the iconic role of Maya Mehrotra in TV serial Beyhadh. The show that was renewed for a second season was much loved by the viewers, especially for Jennifer’s role as the stylish antagonist. The show managed to keep the audience intrigued with its interesting storyline. One of the most loved daily soaps on Indian television, the show had a hint of hatred and revenge made it even more interesting. We asked Jennifer if we will get to watch her in the Season 3 of Beyhadh. The actress said, “That is to be decided yet because I don’t have a say in that and whenever it will happen, we will let you know.”

We asked her about the challenges she faced in portraying the role of an army major. The actress said, “I consider myself very lucky because I got the opportunity to play a character from the army, so whatever challenges that will come along with it, are the only ones that make me better as an actor, and better as an individual. Of course, the physical part comes to you sometimes because it is very tiring, and it drains you at times, but when I see the work on TV, it makes me feel happy and it is all worth it.”

On being asked if she faced any difficulties in working on an OTT project after working in television for a long time, the actress said it isn’t difficult, but different, for her. “It is so because there is a certain way you act on TV and there is a certain way you act on OTT. Also, a TV show goes on for at least a year. A web show ends in say 9 episodes, there is a definite start and a definite middle and a definite ending, so you know the graph. But in a TV show you kind of build as you go, depending on the takes and there are a lot of other factors that come into play. Whereas in OTT, you have a clear graph as to what the show is, and what your character is. Everybody is working toward that vision. So, it just gives you a little more clarity as to where the show and the character is going, and everybody being on the same page makes it a little bit easier.”

We asked her if she thinks that TV stars still face difficulties in getting roles in Bollywood. The actress said, “I will say that it is not as difficult as it used to be because people are looking at television actors in a different light now, from how they see the television actors before. The line is slowly and gradually fading but is not completely gone yet. There are still challenges. There are people who say that ‘nahi yaar TV kiya hai toh nahi…’, which is fine. Because everybody has their opinions and judgements, and people who have made it big in movies on TV – I have a lot of respect for them. It just opens up more opportunities for other TV actors, who enter into films and I hope the opportunities keep growing every day.”

She summarised her journey on the two seasons of Code M to which she smilingly said, “It was a tough nut to crack.”

“It was very tough, very challenging, but it was a fun and exciting adventure that I went on shooting for Code M because I got to do things that I’ve never done in my life as an actor. I got to meet so many people, and it was amazing to be around Rajat Kapoor, Swananad Kirkire and so many others. So, it’s just nice to meet people, to learn from them and just to play different actress, it is very exciting,” concludes Jennifer.

Directed by Abhishek Choubey, Code M Season 2 also features Tanuj Virwani and Swanand Kirkire in lead roles. The show is scheduled to release on 9 June 2022 only on Voot Select.

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