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IMD predicts thunderstorms, light to moderate rain in next 48 hours


The Regional Centre of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted thunderstorms with light to moderate rains in the next 48 hours. The sky condition will be partly cloudy and the maximum and minimum temperatures will be around 38 and 29 degrees Celsius respectively.

The IMD said that westerlies were converging with moisture-laden sea breeze causing convection and a lower level circulation was enhancing the convective activity bringing in rainfalls.

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P Senthamarai Kannan, director, Regional Weather Forecasting Centre told IANS that there was a circulation at 1.5 km altitude and maybe it will remain there for another two to three days.

On Thursday, Chennai and its suburbs experienced high temperatures due to the rain clouds not moving due to the lack of strong winds. This has led to the city experiencing high temperatures and a cloudy atmosphere.

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The IMD has predicted high temperatures and rainfalls as the convergence of winds will result in convection for the next 48 hours.

The possibility of the same weather condition continuing for the next few days in Chennai and its suburbs is high, according to IMD officials.


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