Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Delhi’s IGI Airport launches RFID-enabled baggage tag ‘BAGG TRAX’

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) on Wednesday issued a whitepaper on the RFID-enabled baggage tag “BAGG TRAX” at Delhi Airport arrivals. Passengers arriving at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in Delhi will soon be getting RFID-enabled baggage tags to track their baggage.

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In a statement, DIAL mentioned that the Delhi Airport is the first Indian airport to introduce the facility. IGI airport has introduced Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)-enabled personalized baggage tag “BAGG TRAX”, a first-of-its-kind facility in the country that will share details in real-time about when and on which belt a passenger`s luggage is arriving. The unique BAGG TRAX tags will soon be commercially launched for flyers at Delhi airport.

Presently, as part of the pilot project, BAGG TRAX tags are given to select frequent flyers at Terminal 3 only. Once commercially launched, flyers can buy it at the Departures, it read. It is yet another passenger-friendly initiative by DIAL that will significantly enhance the passenger experience at the airport.

BAGG TRAX will not only help the domestic and international arrival passengers but also those in transit to track their checked-in baggage, it read. Further, it mentioned that BAGG TRAX will give passengers peace of mind and allow them to plan and utilize their time better at the Delhi Airport`s arriving terminals.

To avail of this facility, passengers will have to register their BAGG TRAX, an RFID-enabled baggage tag by scanning the QR code given on the box or visit “”.

“Passengers will get an SMS on their registered mobile number after the successful registration of the tag. Once the tag is registered, all a passenger has to do is to tie the tag or place it into their check-in luggage,” the statement read said.

Passengers will start receiving SMS alerts with the details of baggage on their registered mobile number when their baggage arrives at the Delhi Airport.”They will get the message on their mobile that their luggage is ready to be picked up at the designated baggage belt,” it added.

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