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Delhi govt to conduct door-to-door survey in Aug for issuing e-health cards


The Delhi government is expected to begin a door-to-door survey in August to create a detailed health database for its much-anticipated e-health cards and health information management system (HIMS), senior health officials said on Monday, adding that the department hopes to distribute cards in November or December, well ahead of the scheduled deadline of 2023.

The Delhi government’s health department officials said the door-to-door survey will be undertaken across the city to collect basic information such as age, gender, history of significant health problems, progress on ongoing treatments, drug allergies, and history of operations, among other things.

This information will be used to build a database, which will be used to create the government’s HIMS, which will help Delhi government hospitals record and track each patient’s medical history so that treatment can go uninterrupted in the coming years.

“The goal behind this information database is that if a patient is referred to a bigger hospital or want to continue their treatment at another institution, they will no longer have to narrate their symptoms, medical history, and treatment course.” “Once their information is placed into the system, their treatment can continue in any hospital based on their digital records,” a senior health department official said.

The Delhi government had previously announced that the HIMS and health card program will “revolutionise Delhi’s health-care system.” The health department is pushing ahead with the project aggressively in order to meet the original 2023 deadline for distribution of the health cards.

Delhi residents will be able to apply for the QR code-based health cards through a dedicated website and mobile application or by physically applying for the cards at Delhi government hospitals, dispensaries, and mohalla clinics, said a government official who is monitoring the progress of the scheme.


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