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Delhi court defers passing order after man claiming to be Agra rulers’ heir intervenes


A Delhi court was set to pronounce its order on pleas regarding restoration of 27 Hindu and Jain temples at the Quwaat-ul-Islam mosque inside the Qutub Minar complex has deferred judgement in the case. The decision was taken by additional district judge Dinesh Kumar as a man claiming to be a heir from Agra rulers’ family as intervened the case. The man now claims that the area under South Delhi was his legal right.

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Additional District Judge will now hear the application filed by Kunwar Mahender Dhawaj Prasad Singh in reference to this matter. The application submitted by Singh claims that he is the Karta of Beswan family, who by origin are Jats in Aligarh district.

As per the man’s lawyer, M L Sharma – India and its provinces got independence at the time of Singh’s ancestor Raja Rohini Raman Dhawaj Prasad in 1947. At that time, he was the owner of four estates from Meerut to Agra.

He further stated that after the country gained Independence, the government didn’t enter into any treaty, any accession, or any merger agreement with the Beswan family. The government didn’t conduct any acquisition process, neither paid any compensation. This implies that the

Sharma argued that after Independence, the government of India “neither entered into any treaty, nor was there any accession, nor was there any merger agreement. This implies that the Beswan Avibhajaya Rajya of Beswan family till date owns the status of being a princely state, independent. It also implies that the region holds all the territories of Agra running between the Ganga and Jamuna rivers, starting from Agra to Meerut, Aligarh, Bulandshahr, and Gurgaon”.

Singh has also accused the government, Delhi government and the Uttar Pradesh government without following the legal proceedings. In doing so, the applicant claims that the authorities have encroached upon the legal rights of the applicant.

The man’s lawyer claims that he has thoroughly enquired the case and now aims to protect Singh’s legal rights to the property.




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