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BTS: RM Cried After Pandemic Wreaked Septet's Plans, V Warns His Younger Self 'It'll Be Very Tough'


Ahead of their new album release Proof, BTS sat down for a special video for Spotify Korea. The members, over the past few days, have been sharing snippets about their thoughts on each era since their debut on the music streaming platform. While the videos were short, the members opened up about numerous details of each era. Now, a longer version of their chat was shared in which they shared messages to their younger selves from each era.

The members — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — first looked back at their debut and HYYH era. Jimin recalled that they heard their blockbuster song Run a lot during the era. “When we won the TV music program for the first time, we looked bewildered, which occasionally comes up online,” Jin added.

Jungkook then sent a message to his younger self and said, “Actually, I got none because I believe everything was possible because I didn’t know anything else back then. If we knew, it wouldn’t have been the same.” J-Hope told him younger self, “I would say, ‘Hey J-hope! Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.’ I wouldn’t explain things in detail. ‘Just do what you do and do your best.’”

The group then moved to the WINGS and Love Yourself eras. RM recalled winning at the Billboard Music Awards for the first time. “We could win the Billboard Music Awards and get huge applause, thanks to ARMY. Also, for the first time, we performed at the AMAs,” Namjoon said. “That’s right. Also, (during the) Love Yourself series, we wanted to give a message of loving yourself and in the process, we could also find ways, and received a lot of support and consolation,” Suga added.

Jimin said, “At that time, I received a lot of comfort from ARMY. I am very thankful to them.” When V was asked to share his message for his younger self, the singer warned, “I would say, ‘It will be very tough.’” “Don’t you think you would run away?” Jungkook quipped. “He might be surprised like, ‘Can it be any harder than this?’ and run away,” Yoongi added. “We all could do everything since we didn’t know what was coming,” the members added to which Taehyung replied, “Ignorance is bliss.”

The members then moved on to Map of the Soul 7 and BE eras. “For Map of the Soul got many great songs that made legend stages and performance videos,” Namjoon recalled. “Among them, the lead single was ON, we can’t not talk about it. It’s an awesome song. We prepared a lot and wanted to surprise ARMY but!! the pandemic started and we were very upset,” Jimin confessed.

When RM was asked what he would like to tell his younger self from that era, the BTS leader replied, “As much as it was hard for us, I believe ARMY have been waiting for us for a long time. ‘It’s okay, this too shall pass.’ Now, I don’t really remember how hard it was for me during the pandemic anymore.” It was then that Jimin revealed that Namjoon broke down when their plans were shattered due to the pandemic and lockdown.

“You cried at that time,” Jimin reminded Namjoon. “I think it’s because we were so upset because we prepared a lot,” he explained.

Watch the full video here:

BTS will be releasing the new album Proof on June 10.

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