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BTS: Jungkook Has Priceless Reaction To Jin Trying To Lick His Hand, V Almost Crowned Prince of Spoilers


This weekend has been nothing less than a treat for BTS fans. Besides the release of their new album Proof (which we’ve got on loop), BTS also treated fans with an OT7 VLive. We were glad to see RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook come together and treat us to a memorable and chaotic Vlive after a long time. While the members spoke about Proof, several moments from the VLive went viral.

One of the most spoken about moments from the live involved the eldest Bangtan Boy aka Kim Seokjin and the Golden Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook. During the live, Jin and Jungkook were seated beside each other and speaking about different subjects along with the members.

As translated by Twitter user @pomkozi, Jungkook said that he feels great to be alive after seeing fans after a long time. However, the word ‘being alive’ in Korean is a homonym, which also can be translated into ‘taste of flesh.’ Given that he is the master of dad jokes, Jin decided to try licking Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook adorably complained to his other hyungs. He was also heard telling, “Why are you like this?” before taking jokingly telling him that he will teach him a lesson outside the live location.

While this cracked up the fans, Kim Taehyung almost pulled a Kim Namjoon. The members have already revealed that there is more to their debut anniversary celebrations than just the release of their album. BigHit Music had previously revealed that BTS will be hosting a Proof live on their debut anniversary, they teased a ‘special guest’ — whose identity is still unknown — will be joining them. There are a few more announcements anticipated from the group.

Though the announcement awaits, V almost revealed details of one of their upcoming plans under the presumption that it was already announced. This led to massive chaos with the members trying to convince Taehyung that it wasn’t out yet and fans were hoping that in all this, TaeTae might reveal some details accidentally. Fortunately for the group, the crew sitting with BTS behind the cameras during the live confirmed that the announcement wasn’t out yet and details remained under the wraps.

Watch the hilarious video here:

Meanwhile, BTS will be completing nine years since its debut on Monday, June 13.

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