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BTS: Drunk Jungkook Declares Kim Taehyung 'Most Handsome Person' He's Ever Seen, Taekook Fans Go Gaga


Drunk Jungkook VLive sessions are undoubtedly one of the best live sessions from the house of BTS. The singer on Tuesday surprised fans aka ARMYs by dropping in for an impromptu VLive session and it seemed like the Golden Maknae was tipsy. The singer confessed that he had a drink and was happy but fans noticed that he was a little drunk. The singer not only indulged in some secretive TMI (too much information) but also gushed about his fellow BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung.

As translated by BTS fan account @btstranslation7 on Twitter, Jungkook was reading a number of messages from the comments section. One of which praised Taehyung’s good looks. Reading the comment out loud, Jeon Jungkook admitted that TaeTae was the most handsome man ever he’s met in real life.

“Taehyung is good looking? Yeah, I think he’s the most handsome person I’ve seen in person. That Hyung literally glows in pictures… he’s really good-looking. how can a person look like that? I have to give it to him, he’s just so good-looking,” he said.

His description left fans screaming. Several fans, especially Taekook shippers, shared their reactions on Twitter.

Meanwhile, BTS is gearing up for the release of their new album Proof. The album releases on June 10.

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