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BTS Concept Photos Door 2: Taehyung Poses With Metal Flower In Mouth, Jungkook Appears Like A Dream


BTS has dropped the second ‘Door’ concept photos ahead of their album Proof’s release. In an extension of the pictures released on Monday, members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are seen wearing pastel outfits but striking different poses.

While Kim Taehyung was seen posing with a metal flower in his mouth, Jungkook looked dream-like as gazed into the unknown. Jin brought back memories of the Wings era as he posed with a curtain. Jimin also followed his hyung’s lead, posing with the curtain in his hand.

Namjoon was seen striking a dramatic pose while smoke surrounded Yoongi. Hoseok gazed at the camera as he posed for the concept photos. The pictures seems to be hinting at the tone of their new song Yet To Come.

The new pictures come shortly after they shared the first set of concept photos. Starkly different from their ‘Door’ concept pictures, in the first bunch, the members were seen dressed in all-black outfits. They styled their outfits with bling jewellery and posed in front of a bullet-holed vault. A number of bullets lay in front of them.

Standalone pictures of each member were also released, with each member standing against the bullet-holed vault. Several fans noticed that the number of holes differed in each picture. While a few members had relatively lesser damage to their vaults, the vaults of other members were severely damaged. The symbolism was not missed.

While the countdown to Proof’s release has already begun, fans are also looking forward to BTS members making their way to the White House. It was announced last week that BTS will be meeting US President Joe Biden to discuss anti-Asian crimes.

BTS will be in Washington DC on Tuesday, May 31, to interact with Biden. The White House, in a press statement, revealed, “BTS will join President Biden to discuss Asian inclusion and representation, and to address anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination which have become more prominent issues in recent years.”

It was confirmed earlier in the day that the meeting will take place at 3:00 pm ET (12:30 am IST/4:00 am KST). “The President meets with BTS to discuss the need to come together in solidarity, Asian inclusion and representation, and addressing anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination,” the schedule mentioned. The note added that the meeting will take place at the Oval Office and will not be open to the press. This means fans might not get to witness the discussion between BTS and Biden live.

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