Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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16 medicines you can now buy without a prescription, revised rules coming soon


For the convenience of the people, the government is going to make some changes in the rule for buying medicines over the counter. Once the rule is passed, you will be able to buy 16 types of medicines without a doctor’s prescription. Although it is necessary to have the advice and instructions of the doctor before buying any medicine.

According to a news published in Moneycontrol, the government has proposed to introduce over the counter category, after which the drug and cosmetic rule will have to be changed. The Union Health Ministry has also issued a draft notification in this regard, in which it is proposed to include 16 types of medicines. Once the rule is implemented, these medicines can be bought without medical prescription.

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Ministry officials said that the 16 drugs for which the proposal has been made include Paracetamol 500, some laxatives and fungal creams. The ministry has sought advice from the people on its proposal, which can be given within a month. At present, many medicines are also available in medical stores without a doctor’s prescription, but there is no proper law or rule for this yet.

Earlier this year, the Drugs Technical Advisory Board approved the government’s proposal on OTC drugs. This organisation gives advice to the government in the matter of medicines. After this approval, there was a lot of discussion about the OTC category, after which 16 drugs were approved. It was said in the discussion that later more medicines will also be included in this.

Conditions apply

The government has also put some condition to implement the OTC category. Under this, OTC category medicines can be sold at drug stores only when its duration does not exceed 5 days. Also, if the patient does not get relief even after taking the medicine for five days, then it will be necessary for the patient to consult the doctor.

Each pack should contain the necessary information for the patient and the size of the pack should not exceed the dosage of 5 days. Even among these preparations, the definition of OTC medicines has not been decided yet. Apart from this, medicines like oral dehydration have not been included in its initial list.


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